Take Perfect Pictures


Do you like taking pictures? Are you the one usually taking pictures of your family or events? Do you hate when your pictures don’t come out as you intended? I was once in your shoes, but I learned and mastered the art of photography.I started out taking pictures of my family and scenery when I traveled. Whenever my pictures would come out blurry or too dark or sometimes too light it used to annoy me. I use to be annoyed because I could not go back and take that same shot again. My first camera was a sample digital camera. It had a power on button and a shutter button, that’s it. Amazingly, it did an OK job. But then I started paying more attention to details. The integrated flash didn’t do it anymore for me. I wanted more control over how my shots came out.

I ended up buying a DSLR camera. It took me some getting used to, but eventually my shots were clear and were coming out the way I wanted them to. The camera itself cost me nearly two thousand dollars at that time. The lens I wanted cost nearly one thousand dollars and the flash cost a couple hundred dollars. You get my point: Being a professional photography is not cheap. However, It will cost you a lot less today to own a professional camera system.So, you’re asking, where do I began. First things first: research camera brands and features then buy. There are many good companies who make good DSLRs out there: Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, etc. I personally have a canon.A couple keywords to learn:

DSLR: Digital Single Lens Reflex
Viewfinder: what the photographer(you) looks through to take and or focus the picture.
ISO: an exposure index rating
Zoom: Used to get closer to an object
Flash: Used when there aren’t enough light in order to make a picture come out clearly.

These keywords are just for beginners (more to come later). Don’t get scared by the technical terms. I guarantee your pictures will look and feel ten time better. Great pictures equal great memories. Later, if you are really serious about becoming a professional you can invest in lights and maybe have your own studio. The skies are the limits with photography. Remember to familiarize yourself with your camera. some cameras have advance functions, some don’t; they all differ.


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